What Makes Harford Minerals Different?

As we get closer to plant commissioning, we took some time to sit down with our partners at CDE Global with a simple question: “With over 2000 successful projects globally, what makes Harford Minerals different?” 

Response from Joseph Teahl (Business Development Manager, CDE)

CDE initially crossed paths with Harford Minerals President, Miguel Lambert, at CONEXPO in March 2020 and following this initial meeting they are now installing one of the largest waste recycling projects in North America.

Harford’s commitment to install a CDE wash plant despite the challenges faced during the pandemic is testament to the confidence they have in our solutions, enabling Harford to achieve its commercial and environmental aims.

The wider industry needs to transform their practices as each day we see significant volumes of CD&E waste being sent to landfill and this is unavoidable. With the right technology and the willingness to adapt to new ways of working this material can be recycled to recover high valuable construction sand and aggregates and returned to good use in the industry.

Harford Minerals is leading the way in their area, demonstrating that what a business does now defines their future, by either creating opportunity for sustainable growth or restricting its potential due to not addressing its environmental impacts.  Investment in sustainable solutions is important for the future viability of materials processing companies and this new plant includes many of CDE’s most cutting edge recycling processes. CDE are delighted to partner with Harford to deliver this recycling project, the management team not only recognizes the urgency of the issues affecting the industry but have responded to this with the ambition to act and invest in new technology to drive positive and transformational change.