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Founded in 1965, Harford Minerals has always prioritized investments in personnel, equipment, fixtures, and technology. Over the past few years, investments have been made to expand the company’s operations to provide the products and services currently offered by Harford Minerals. The Harford team is extremely excited about building on its in-depth experience to become one of the leaders in the innovative reuse of dredge material.

Miguel Lambert,


As the President, Mr. Lambert oversees the operations of Harford Minerals, including establishing and expanding partnerships that the company enters into regarding its manufacturing and business. Mr. Lambert has worked as a subcontractor on various large-scale construction and infrastructure projects including the Bi-County Tunnel (WSSC), DC Water’s Clean Rivers Tunnel projects, I-270 Bridge Overpass, and various stormwater management projects throughout the state.

Shane Korn,

Chief Operating officer

With over 30 years of experience in the heavy civil industry with a focus on concrete structures, Mr. Korn is responsible for overseeing the product manufacturing process for Harford Minerals, including all equipment and components. He has successfully delivered on the construction of slurry wall installations, tunnel liners, and deep shaft excavation projects, including DART Subway Tunnel, Austin Drainage Tunnel, Dallas US75 Tunnel DFW Airport and DC Water’s Blue Plains Tunnel.

Dave Mentzer,

Chief Engineer

Mr. Mentzer is responsible for all aspects of engineering for products manufactured by Harford Minerals. Using his 40 years of experience, he ensures that each design meets the customer’s specifications and monitors our quality control. ACI Accredited.

Eric Baker,

General Counsel

Mr. Baker is responsible for reviewing Harford Minerals’ contracts with customers and third parties, as well as interfacing with third parties on behalf of the company, such as governmental and quasi governmental agencies, on various matters. Mr. Baker is a recent graduate of Howard Law School.

Andrew Heil,


Mr. Heil oversees Harford Mineral’s Quality Control Program, in addition to working with customers on preliminary wall designs and order management. He has a BSE in Civil Engineering, in addition to the following accreditations: CI Concrete Field Testing Technician-Grade 1, NPCA PQS Level 1, and an EIT (Engineer in Training) Certificate.

Kay Warner,


Mrs. Warner manages Harford Minerals’ office and administration. She ensures that all of our key licenses, certifications, permits, insurance and other important company information is current. Further, she monitors our compliance and maintains our reporting requirements with local, state and federal governmental authorities and regulations, including the MDE and EPA, among others.


Trusted Partner Companies

Harford Minerals works with key partners to successfully carry out and reinforce ongoing operations. Harford maintains a strong network of partner companies as well as a stable of experienced independent contractors who are available to supplement our team as necessary. We collaborate with subject matter experts as needed to establish successful outcomes for all project objectives.


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