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This Is Our Story

Our mission is to be the premier reclamation facility, material supplier, and recycler of aggregates and sustainable materials in Maryland and the surrounding areas, including Washington D.C., Virginia, and Pennsylvania. By using our experience, dedication, innovation, and fairness to our customers, Harford Minerals continues to grow operations, expand our offerings, extend our reach, and work on some of the largest projects in the area.

Our facility is used on a daily basis by customers who need to either haul in material from a job site or haul out aggregate material purchased from us, or both.

Even more, our research and development of innovative reuses of construction, demolition, and excavation (CDE) waste material make our company unique because we can work with materials across their lifecycle and advance our sustainability goals.

CDE waste is the unused or unusable material or refusal of construction activities on any development project (e.g. residential developments, commercial buildings, parking lots, bridges, and tunnels, among others). Some examples of CDE waste include concrete, wood, asphalt, drywall, bricks, and metals. 

CDE waste recycling and reuse represent an opportunity to create sustainable solutions for the construction industry and future urban development. Sustainability is an integral part of our operations given the finite nature of resources. There is a limited amount of raw materials on the earth, so we have endeavored to develop a manufacturing process for repurposing CDE waste among other materials, including dredge material.

How We Started

Our History

Harford Minerals was founded in 1965 and earned a reputation for its specialization in supplying the golf course industry with sands.

In more recent years, we have become known for our ease of access and reliability as a premier reclamation facility for the disposal of excavation and dredge materials. Our 75-acre campus is located in the Joppa area of Harford County Maryland, just minutes off of Interstate I-95. We have reasonable dump fees and charge by the truckload, not by tonnage.

The year 2014 brought expansion to our facility by adding aggregate supply to our business offerings and making it even more convenient for those construction projects that require material to be brought in. Those customers can both bring in the excavated material to be disposed of and back-load fill, borrow, stone, sand, recycled materials, and even boulders for their jobs in one easy to access location. We are even certified for topsoil by State Highway Administration (SHA) as well. 

In 2016, we established our crushing operations for recycled concrete materials. This allows us to accept hard-to-dispose material from construction projects and repurpose it. We look forward to announcing further development of our material recycling facilities.



Our mission is to be recognized by customers as a top-tier, one-stop facility that fulfills their primary material needs from the disposal of various construction waste and excavation to the purchase of different kinds of aggregates.

Product Delivery

Harford Minerals’ primary objective is to provide quality aggregate materials to our customers and end-users. Our reclamation facilities and operations are designed to facilitate the efficient ordering and pickup or delivery of materials for your construction projects.


Through cutting-edge research and development, we create good quality materials utilizing new technologies that help us solve complex problems, so we can deliver product to the development and construction industries to specifications and as needed. materials for your construction projects.


Our keen focus on materials sustainability will help curb the increasing costs of urban development as the cost of raw materials becomes more expensive and land available for dumping diminishes. Creating quality and comparable sustainable aggregates helps prioritize the recycling and reuse of CDE waste while establishing incentives for less dumping of certain materials in local landfills.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers come first. We work hard to achieve our customers’ needs by making our staff available and treating each customer with fairness, dignity, and respect. We strive to be transparent and operate with integrity. We will help make sure you have the aggregates for your job and that meet the specifications.


We are a good steward of our community and act as a good corporate citizen in the communities we serve, complying with the laws, rules, and regulations.


We give our customers exceptional quality by addressing their needs better than the competition. We are diligent in our efforts to continuously improve the methods we use in producing and delivering our products.


We understand the importance of working in partnership with our suppliers in order to create value and synergies. Our expectations include product performance, quality service, transparency, innovation, and flexibility. When we look at cost, we consider value.


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